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Virtuemart Templates Virtuemart TemplatesVirtuemart TemplatesVirtuemart TemplatesVirtuemart Templates

Virtuemart Templates are cheap website templates that allow you to build a complete E-Commerce website based on the very popular Joomla and Virtuemart combination. Each virtuemart template includes all html, css, images needed as well as the Photoshop PSD original files to completely customize your Virtumart e-commerce store.

Read more at our Virtuemart Templates FAQ below.


Virtuemart Templates FAQ

Read the Virtuemart Templates FAQ's below to answer any questions you might have.

What is Virtuemart?

Virtuemart is an Ecommerce Software package that is a plugin for Joomla. It is one of the most widely used e-commerce packages used now on the Internet. If you are wanting to open an ecommerce store, then we highly recommend Virtuemart.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is the world's most used open source content managment systems. It allows for easy to edit and updating of any website. We highly recommend a Joomla and Virtuemart combination.

What Are Virtuemart Templates?

Virtuemart Templates are templates that can be plugged right into any Virtuemart and Joomla installation. Templates Unlimited's templates include all html, css, images and Photoshop original files needed to customize the Virtuemart Template.

Why Virtuemart Templates?

Virtuemart Templates allow you to get an ecommerce store up and running very quickly. By choosing a virtuemart template, you will save thousands of dollars from having to hire a web designer.

Why Virtuemart Templates from Templates Unlimited?

All templates from Templates Unlimited are unmatched in quality and price. Each Virtuemart Template includes all html, css, images and Photoshop files needed to install the template. They also include very easy to use step-by-step instructions needed to install the virtuemart template as well.

What if I want my Virtuemart Template Customized?

Templates Unlimited offers Virtuemart Template Customization through our partner business, Web Unlimited, who offers unparalleled pricing and quality as well as experience of a company that has designed and implemented hundreds of websites over the span of almost a decade. Call them toll-free at 1-888-516-0172 today for a free estimate to install or customize your Virtuemart Template.

Do you offer Hosting for Virtuemart Templates?

Templates Unlimited offers Virtuemart Hosting through our partner business, Web Unlimited. They offer competitive ecommerce hosting pricing as well as a great hosting infrastructure and support staff. Call them toll-free at 1-888-516-0172 today for to get started hosting your Virtuemart Template!

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